Lamb's Plan

By Matt Porter

October 23, 2012 Updated Oct 23, 2012 at 6:45 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Democrat Dan Lamb agrees with Richard Hanna that this is a failed Congress.

"People know that this most partisan, least productive Congress has got to stop," Lamb said at a Cortland debate, "We've got to find a better way of doing things."

But Lamb labeled Hanna as part of the failure.

"People do not like the way this Congress is behaving, they want something different," he said.

Lamb said Hanna is on the wrong side on a number of issues.

For example, he disagreed with Hanna on recent studies showing that natural gas drilling is safe.

"That cannot preclude us prevent us from looking at the big picture and not engaging into a race to the bottom with Pennsylvania," Lamb said, "Seeing who can cut their environmental corners the most."

He also promised to vote against any voucher program for medicare, such as what was in Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan's budget plan.

"That's a ridiculous bargain, it's a bad idea, it doesn't work, it doesn't save money, and I'm adamantly against it," said Lamb.

Lamb wants reforms to protect traditional entitlements like Social Security.

"There are ways we can do it," he said, "To extend the life of social security without doing something so radical as to turn it into a stock market program."

Lamb suggested increasing the Social Security tax cap to bolster the fund.

Despite being out raised by almost 4 to 1, Lamb believes he will connect better with voters.

"My background looks more like the background of people in this district," he said, "I'm a middle class guy with middle class values. I'm not a multimillionaire."