Left out of Obama town hall, local students and supporters cry foul

By Matt Porter

August 21, 2013 Updated Aug 21, 2013 at 11:48 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) SUNY Broome students and democratic supporters say limiting the lottery for President Barack Obama's town hall-style meeting to Binghamton University is unfair.

The BU town hall is the only stop along the president's bus tour that is providing no ticket options for the general public.

Students from SUNY Broome say they deal with the same issues of debt that BU students also have and should have been included in the lottery.

Student Hadar Sindi said there's no difference between a BU student and any other.

"It should be open to all these other students and different colleges around the place," Sindi said.

Daniel Bush said it's not fair and contradicts the American way.

"I think it goes against everything we stand for in this country," Bush said. "How would you have any public speaking with politicians that isn't open to the public."

Monica Silas, a supporter of the Democratic party, said she and others who worked for local campaigns deserve a chance to see the president.

"As somebody who's worked hard to get Democrats elected," Silas said, "I feel this should be open to the public. This is my president and it's everybody's president, and for the lotto to be BU-based, it seems a little unfair."