Local woman shares story on Queen Latifah show

By Kelly McCarthy

October 17, 2013 Updated Oct 17, 2013 at 6:25 PM EDT

Norwich, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A woman from Norwich was featured on the Queen Latifah show Thursday morning on WBNG.

Since 2006, a group of sorority sisters from Tulane University's class of 1969 have return to New Orleans every year to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city.

One of those sisters is Linda Lewis-Moors and she works at UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital.

"For us in particular New Orleans is special because that's where we went to college," Lewis-Moors said, "That's where we met one another, so the city is really really important to us."

Before Linda first traveled to New Orleans with 11 other sorority sisters of Sigma Delta Tau, she said she was afraid of heights. What she found out was it's easy to push your limits when it's done to help others recover from disaster.

"She's always been all thumbs," said husband Patrick Lewis-Moors. "And she comes home and she tells me about doing all these things with power tools and it really shocked me, she was doing things with tools I've never used."

Like any group of sorority sisters they didn't leave without creating lasting friendships. Each trip they return to visit the first family they helped save.

"My group has helped the mom," said Lewis-Moors, "Achieve her dream of having one of her children being the first in her family ever to finish high school."

Lewis-Moors' next trip is coming up soon. She's returning to New Orleans with her sorority sisters the week of December 2nd.

She said the Queen Latifah show is sending a crew down to cover their work.