Spectators spot the presidential motorcade (w/ photos)

By Kelly McCarthy

August 23, 2013 Updated Aug 23, 2013 at 11:33 PM EDT

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Not everyone had the chance to see President Barack Obama in person, but still showed up to see him come and go. Crowds lined the Vestal Parkway to catch a glimpse at the presidential motorcade.

There were dozens of people taking videos and photos of the tour bus and escorts known as Ground Force One.

Some spectators took the opportunity to get their own message seen.

Kaylee Raub will only be starting 4th grade in a few weeks, but when she's older, she has dreams of opening her own bakery.

With a bright future ahead, Raub said she has to start saving now.

"I don't want to wait," said Raub, of Vestal, "To when it's like, 'Oh my gosh, it's college time and I don't have any money.'"

While Raub was waiting to see the presidential motorcade pass by, she said it was a good time to start. The president was speaking at Binghamton University and pushing for a better bargain on a college education.

"I don't see why college should be so so expensive," Raub said, "I mean, it should be a little less expensive for people who don't have all that money."

Others crowded the university entrance just to catch a glimpse of the president.

"The president's coming," said Steven Haycook, of Johnson City, "And we came to show our support for the nation, for the president, even if we don't necessarily agree with all of his politics. It's America. He's the president. We stand by him."

Some came with American flags in hand, while others were raising signs that attacked the NY Safe Act.

"We will not quit," said Al Belardinelli, of the town of Union, "We will not back down. We're gonna change things one way or another."

Change was a hope for many of the spectators watching the motorcade pass by. But change, no matter the subject, will not happen overnight.

"I only got $2 right now," Raub said, "But I mean, we just started a few minutes ago."

With the help of President Obama's visit, Raub could see some relief in her future college savings.

The president arrived right on time Friday at noon. Shortly after the president entered Binghamton University, the crowds dispersed and the Vestal Parkway was re-opened to traffic.