Parkview Restaurant offers food and spooks

By Megan Carpenter

October 31, 2013 Updated Oct 31, 2013 at 7:49 AM EDT

Owego, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Good food isn't the only thing attracting customers to the Parkview Restaurant.

As a popular spot on New York state's Haunted History Trail, the Parkview dishes out its fair share of spooks.

Built in 1867, the hotel and restaurant came under new ownership two years ago.

When Beth Johnson and her husband began their renovations, they said strange things began happening.

They kept numerous items that reflected the restaurant's history, including an old dresser.

Members of the Binghamton Paranormal Research Society said ghosts often can attach themselves to old items.

Still, Beth Johnson said she thinks the spirits are harmless, and sometimes even helpful.

"We noted things like oven doors opening for you when you have something in your hands, the back door opening when you have something in your hands," Johnson said. "It's very convenient."

She said mysterious events happen in almost every room.

A mask is lodged in one of the holes in the bar room wall.

Johnson said they named it Dugan, who was one of the restaurant's previous owners.

"One day during a busy lunch, the head came flying out of the wall," Johnson said. "It didn't drop out, it came flying out like somebody had thrown it."

Despite the unexplained events, Binghamton Paranormal Research Society said most ghosts they have encountered are friendly.

At the Parkview, Johnson said she hopes they like her as much as she likes them.