Partnership To Help Feed More People in Broome County

By Lindsay Nielsen

September 27, 2012 Updated Sep 27, 2012 at 6:28 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Two local organizations that provide food to those in need throughout the Southern Tier, are teaming up to better meet the needs of those who are still going hungry in our area.

An official contract was signed Thursday, binding both CHOW, the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse and the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.

"A collaborative relationship between CHOW and the Food Bank could potentially bring in more resources to Broome County through additional access to state funding to acquire food. Federal funding through Feeding America. Also, better partnerships on the local level," said President of the Food Bank of The Southern Tier, Natasha Thompson.

The partnership will make CHOW the food bank's first and only re-distribution organization.

"We're already experiencing that increase of resources and increase of technical support that they give us with our inventory system and how to efficiently track food," said Deacon Edward Blaine, the director of CHOW.

The new affiliation with Feeding America now allows CHOW to get discounts from national providers like Kraft.

"You know how much a normal box of macaroni and cheese costs when you buy it off of a shelf. We're going to be able to get that at nine cents a pound so it's a significant savings," said executive director of Broome County Council of Churches, Rev. Joseph Sellepack.

That price decrease is half of what they had been paying per pound.

"We're looking to increase their mobile food pantry in our area using our network of churches. We're hoping to help with the backpack program, which is a great program that the food bank operates," said Sellepack.

Feeding America identifies the need for 7.4 million pounds of food annually in order to adequately serve the number of people in Broome County facing hunger and food insecurity.

Both organizations combined fall short of that goal currently by about four million pounds.

A problem they believe the partnership could fix.

The partnership has already begun to help CHOW re-organize it's warehouse.

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