Possible Power-Shift in the New York State Senate

By Brandi Bailey

November 7, 2012 Updated Nov 7, 2012 at 7:36 PM EDT

Binghamton,NY (WBNG Binghamton) Election Night has come to an end, but some outcomes are still unknown. Will Republicans be able to keep control of the New York State Senate?

While there's still no official word on whether or not Republicans will loose control of the State Senate, they admit it's a possibility.

After last night's election it became clear that the Democrats would hold all statewide offices, also taking control of the State Assembly.

Senator Tom Libous says there's still nearly 7,600 absentee ballots out in Albany and Ulster Counties. Those are both areas he says Republicans campaigned heavily.

Libous says he is reminded of 2008 when Republicans experienced what he calls an 'Obama landslide.'

"We're optimistic that we can still pull this off. I mean we were in the same position two years ago. I am not optimistic if the New York City Democrats take over," said Libous.

Libous remembers the power struggle in 2009 called the "Parliamentary Coup," where Republicans worked to regained control of the Senate by bringing a few conservative Democrats to their side.

Libous says with confidence that when the Republicans regain control they could form a new coalition within the government, acting as a model for Washington and bettering the State of New York.