Recruiting volunteers to help local non-profits

By Kelly McCarthy

April 9, 2014 Updated Apr 9, 2014 at 7:24 PM EDT

Johnson City, NY (WBNG Binghamton) To celebrate National Volunteer Week more than 20 local groups took sought out new volunteers at a recruitment fair.

The Oakdale Mall was filled with volunteers from several local non-profit agencies, and they were there looking for more people like themselves.

"I would guess more than 90 percent is done, the activities are done, by volunteers," said American Red Cross volunteer Nora Doane.

As part of National Volunteer Week, this fair focuses on recruiting more people to donate their time to places who rely on volunteer services.

Many of the organizations at the fair are non-profit and say the help they get from volunteers makes up for having such small budgets.

"Having a very limited budget means that we have to rely on the giving of others," said Melissa Grippin of the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park, "And whether that be monetary giving or you know just giving their time for us, we rely on that so much."

Grippin said without so many volunteers, especially during the summer months,the Binghamton Zoo wouldn't be the same.

"We couldn't do all of the community outreach that we do on a daily basis," said Grippin, "You know the grounds would look terrible because nobody would be there to do all of the gardening, planting flowers, and just making the zoo look the best it can."

Anyone interested in volunteering at the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park, Melissa Grippin can be reached at mgrippin@rossparkzoo.com or at (607) 724-5461.

For more information about volunteering at the American Red Cross click here.