Revoir: Signs of Support

By Kelly McCarthy

November 2, 2012 Updated Nov 2, 2012 at 6:27 PM EDT

Norwich, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Candidates still in the race for Chenango County Court Judge share why their journey is different than most elected positions.

Unlike some County Judge positions, in Chenango County the elected must oversee family, surrogates, and county court issues.

"At the end of the day, unlike if you're running for another type of office, we're not accountable. I'm not accountable to a party, a special interest group. I'm accountable to the people," said Revoir.

A desire constructed well before Frank Revoir's 21 years of law experience in Norwich.

It's what fuels his slogan of "A Comprehensive Candidate."

And it's hard to miss the people's reaction to Revoir's campaign strategy.

"My signs that are around in all of the towns are because I walked door to door. Never asked what party," said Revoir. "I guess you could call that a strategy but not really, because that's me."

But it's not always reassuring to look out at a sea of red lawn signs.

And winning the primary election for the Republican ticket.

"Besides being humbling it's somewhat nerve-wracking for lack of a better phrase because the expectation is that I will live up to what I said I was going to live up to, and I have every intention of doing that," said Revoir.

A long campaign with some obvious differences from opponent Diane DiStefano.

"I give the voters more credit, I give women more credit than that, that they're not simply going to vote on a created concept of let's put a woman on the bench," he adds. "This campaign is not about republican or democrat, it's certainly not about man vs woman, and it's certainly not about making history for some unrelated issue.

And it will be the voters who decide in just a few more days, to which candidate they trust with their life.