Running united for Boston

By Kelly McCarthy

April 20, 2013 Updated Apr 21, 2013 at 10:10 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A group of local runners took their support for the Boston community to the streets. An impromptu community run starting at Rec Park brought together nearly 150 runners.

They didn't come for an organized race, and they didn't come for training. Every runner at Rec Park on Saturday was running for Boston.

"You know Boston as a community," said Chris Cowden, of Vestal, "The lives that were lost, and the police officers and everybody that came together. Really that's what we're celebrating today."

Those who earned them brought marathon shirts and medals, and those who don't normally run were eager to join.

"It was a very easy decision," said Andrew Krise, of Endwell. "I have a lot of friends who are a part of this community, so I figure if your body is able. Anything you can do, monetary, emotional or coming here and doing something that I'm not particularly good at."

A simple post on a community Facebook page turned into something larger than any runner expected.

"I just figured, maybe 20 or 30 of us would want to get together," Cowden said, "And share in that sense of community and friendship and running. I had no expectations of it becoming 100-plus people."

Runners showed up wearing blue and yellow running gear, the official colors of the Boston marathon.

"It's not a charity run per se, but I felt like it would be a mistake to not at least make that available," Cowden said. "So yes we are taking donations."

Donations will be given to the One Fund Boston, along with a message from runners here in Binghamton.

"I say just keep running," said Debbie Grassi, of Johnson City. "We're not easily defeated."

Those who run the Boston Marathon in the past expressed interest in going back next year.

'We're not going to live in fear," Krise said. "We're going to get out there no matter what you throw at us. You can't defeat the American spirit."

The run collected $1,000 that will be sent to One Fund Boston.