Spiedie fans compete to speedily empty their plates

By Michelle Costanza

July 18, 2014 Updated Jul 18, 2014 at 11:36 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The inaugural World Chicken Spiedie Eating Contest will happen next week, but to earn their spot chomping with the big leagues, people competed Friday night at NYSEG Stadium.

Things got messy pretty quickly as the 11 competitors attempted to eat their way through a tray of four Lupo's famous spiedies in five minutes.

Each sandwich was individually stacked and weighed to 8 ounces to ensure consistency and fairness to each eater.

The only rules: no chipmunking -- which is hiding pieces in your cheeks, of course -- and no dipping the bread into the cups of water on the table. Anyone who couldn't keep the sandwiches down would be immediately disqualified.

Only one amateur eater emptied his tray, filled his stomach and earned a spot in the final round.

"I've never been in an eating competition before, so I can check that off the list now," laughed Ryan Siciliano, of Conklin, champion of Friday's qualifying round.

While some tried eating all the meat first, Siciliano said he was just trying to get it all down as quickly as possible.

"My strategy was take small bites and drink a lot of water. I didn't chew much at all, so I was swallowing these spiedies whole," he laughed.

The only preparing Siciliano did before the contest was eating against his 9-year-old, and showing up to NYSEG Stadium hungry.

"I won't have to eat dinner tonight," he told us after the five minutes were up.

The final championship will take place at the Tioga Downs racetrack Saturday, July 26. Siciliano will go up against world eating champs like Joey Chestnut in the fight for the title.