Swearing In Across Broome County

By Matt Porter

January 1, 2013 Updated Jan 1, 2013 at 6:59 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The beginning of the new year also means the beginning of new terms of office for some politicians in Greater Binghamton.

Republican County Executive Debbie Preston took the oath of office at the Forum Theater in Binghamton.

"We have a huge task ahead of us, but campaigns are over now," said Preston, "Now we roll up our sleeves and we really get to work and get things accomplished."

All 15 county legislators also took their oath today including a new majority and minority leader.

Majority leader Republican Ronald Keibel agreed with Preston that the county needs to turn its attention of beefing up its finances and paying down debt.

"Sometimes we didn't plan for a rainy day, and I think we have to be aware that those rainy days are coming and some municipalities are going to be in better shape than others," said Keibel, "And I think with Debbie leading the county we'll be in good shape."

Minority leader Democrat Daniel D. Reynolds said his party will play an important role in negotiations.

"Myself and John Hutchings have been on for ten years. We're very familiar with all the issues, with all the players," said Reynolds, "We're vocal enough on the floor and raise issues. And so we make ourselves relevant."

Both parties say they are willing to work together after a hard fought election year.

In the Town of Union, Republican supervisor Rose Sotak was sworn in after winning by a handful of votes in November.

Sotak said she will represent the entire town, including those who voted for her opponent.

"The same thing that I'm going to do for the people that voted for me," said Sotak. "We're moving forward, it doesn't matter who voted for who, the focus is on getting the job done within the Town of Union."

After her appointment last year, Sotak became the first woman elected to the position in the Town of Union.

Sotak said that the town is finally coming out of recovery from the 2011 flood.

She wants to focus her coming term on improving the town so more businesses will be interested in staying or setting up in the Town of Union.

Republican councilman Thomas Augostini, who also took an oath, agreed.

"Making the town competitive in terms of people wanting to live here, wanting to do business here, wanting to create jobs here," said Augostini, "That's what is going to make us a stronger community."

And in Johnson City, Mayor Greg Deemie took the oath for the final year of the mayoral term.

Deemie was appointed in April when Republican Dennis Hannon resigned and will finish Hannon's term in office.

Deemie said he's getting more familiar with the job and he remains committed to listening to what residents in Johnson City need most.

"I've learned a lot, there's still a lot to learn," said Deemie. "Every day is a new day, but I feel I've got what I need to do, what needs to be done in the village."

He said the village has a lot to focus on including facilitating FEMA buyouts and hiring a new fire chief.

Village trustees Diane Marusich and Rick Balles also took oaths in Johnson City.

Trustee Luke Slota could not take his oath because he is in a Rochester Hospital recovering from an illness.