Abdelazim Questions Preston's Budget Proposal

By Kelly McCarthy
By Suzanne Proulx

September 20, 2012 Updated Sep 20, 2012 at 6:31 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Questions are still being asked on County Executive Debbie Preston's 2013 budget proposal, mainly by her opponent, democrat Tarik Abdelazim, causing an ongoing political debate.

Democratic Candidate Tarik Abdelazim says County Executive Debbie Preston is using the sales tax revenue to pad her proposed 2013 budget

Abdelazim referred to past board meetings when Preston supported the legislature to restore the 50-50 sales tax revenue system as Town of Conklin Supervisor in 2011.

He says Preston did not restore that system in her current budget proposal.

However as Action News reported yesterday, the proposed 2013 budget does include a mention of the 50-50 sales tax revenue and the detailed plan will be released next week.

Abdelazim says if he is elected he would restore the equal share of sales tax revenue within two months.

"I'm really disappointed in these actions and I believe Ms. Preston owes the residents an explanation as to why she did not fulfill her promise, why she suddenly flip-flopped on this very important issue to her and why she passed the pressures down to all of our towns and governments," said Abdelazim.

"You know what, I guess I can stand here and tell you that I'm getting really tired of being called a liar, I'm getting tired of being said that I'm being deceitful, but I think I need to end it now and say not true. What he said is not true again, and I got a county to run," said Preston.

Preston said in a statement to Action News that she "has a plan in place to complete the 50-50 restoration over the next several years."

The budget also includes a 10 percent Sales Tax Revenue increase to the City, Towns and Villages.

A second debate has still not been scheduled between the two candidates.

Both tell Action News that they want another debate and Preston's Campaign Manager says he will continue to take scheduling requests into consideration.