Wlasiuk Sentenced to 25 Years to Life

By Suzanne Proulx
By Kelly McCarthy

October 26, 2012 Updated Oct 27, 2012 at 9:49 AM EDT

Norwich, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A man convicted three times for murder is sentenced in a Chenango County Court.

Peter Wlasiuk of Oxford is heading back to prison to serve 25 years to life.

In 2002 the body of his wife, Patricia was pulled from Guilford Lake after a reported accident.

Investigators say Wlasiuk actually suffocated her at their home.

For the third time in the past 10 years, Peter Wlasiuk was given the maximum sentence for killing his wife.

But not without pleading his case for more than an hour in front of Judge Joseph Cawley.

"It was his last hoorah to stand in front of the press and the paper to make this wonderful statement that made him sound like a raging maniac," said Pat Grant from Harpursville.

Wlasiuk was found guilty in July for murder in the second degree.

He did not take the stand during his third trial.

But tells the courtroom during his sentencing hearing that he never laid a hand on his wife and says his "case has grown out of control."

"If I was going to kill somebody I would do it a lot different," said Wlasiuk.

Wlasiuk took many heavy sighs and pauses during the hour-long speech, even taking the time to fumble with the chains around his waist and wipe the tears on his orange jumpsuit.

"It's easier to call this a murder than to call it what is is, a wrongful conviction," said Wlasiuk.

Wlasiuk said he will die in prison or die trying to get out.

After he sat down, Judge Cawley responded, "I don't know what do say, so I'm not going to even try."

Wlasiuk has 30 days to submit a written appeal of the court's decision.

Families and friends embraced outside the courtroom.

Some out of relief, others out of sorrow.

"I've been with my son all along, through this entire thing," said Thomas Wlasiuk of Guilford.

"He's a liar, he's pulling at strings, he's trying to convince people he's innocent and he's not," said Grant.

"Where is the evidence? Nobody was there, nobody actually saw what happened, but yet they all have this opinion and they have something to say, and they know how everything took place," said Thomas Wlasiuk.

Wlasiuk tells the judge he will keep on appealing the decision until he feels he receives a fair trial.

His father says their top priority is to have this case tried in a different venue.

"How can you get a fair trial in the same court, same county, same people that are all prejudice in the whole county itself," said Thomas Wlasiuk.

"Get it over with, no more appeals," said Grant.

The last thing Patricia's family wants to think about, as they grip to what memories they have left of their loved one.

"He's guilty, let's stop it, give the family some rest, give the friends some rest, and most of all let Patti rest in peace," said Grant.

While her friends and family will rest in each other's arms.

Wlasiuk will be up for parole after 25 years.

He will remain in the Chenango County jail until transfer arrangements are made to a state prison.