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Drain Brain

Any drain any size, any time of day, that’s The Drain Brain’s motto specializes in the opening and cleaning of drains of all sorts and sizes. Since 1976, we have serviced residential, commercial and industrial accounts using traditional as well as state of the art equipment throughout the Greater Binghamton Area.

  • From Cook’s Tree Service

    Are your estimates free?

    Yes they are.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Is there enough sun in the Northeast to make a system worth it?

    Absolutely. Binghamton, NY gets 73% of the sun that San Diego, California gets. There is plenty of sun to go around. Germany, an international solar leader, actually gets less sun than we do.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Can I get a really big system to sell back more energy to the utility company?

    No. Most utility companies will only allow you a maximum amount of solar electricity that they will “net meter” or pay you for the excess energy you produce above and beyond your own usage. Also, in New York State in order to receive incentives to install your system you cannot exceed 110% of your historical kWh usage. If you plan to add a load, such as charging an electric vehicle, or expanding your home or building, you can get a larger system.

  • From Rick Bongiorno Insurance

    How do I lower my auto insurance rate?

    Your insurance rate is based on different variables: your driving history, claim/loss history, age, vehicle, mileage driven, and credit score. Sometimes, the only option you have when you want to save money on insurance is to be requoted with another carrier who better suits your needs. Some companies give discounts for things such as: taking a defensive driver course, having good grades if you are a student, having multiple vehicles on a policy, having a homeowners policy and an auto policy with the same carrier, and more. Contact us to see where we can save you money!

  • From Cook’s Tree Service

    Are you insured?

    Yes, fully insured.