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  • From Northgate Liquors

    If I’m looking to stock up on wine, do you offer any types of discounts?

    We offer an everyday discount when purchasing one case or more. Stop in or call us for more details.

  • From SURE TEMP

    Many homes and businesses have rooms that are no longer be used. Closing vents in these rooms will definitely save energy, right?

    In the past, closing registers in forced air heating systems and leaving some rooms in a house unconditioned was suggested as a method for saving energy. But studies have shown that that register closing leads to increased use of energy! Closing registers (especially those closest to the air handler) affects the system pressure and increases air duct leakage. So the result is that your system works harder to maintain the appropriate pressure and compensates for the conditioned air leakage. Closing registers is NOT recommended. If you have rooms that you don’t use in the winter, give Sure Temp a call and ask about a Zoned System for your house.

  • From Woodland Tree Service

    Why should I have my tree stumps ground? What is a stump grinder?

    A stump grinder is a machine that has a cutter wheel specifically manufactured to grind a stump and its root flares into a mulch-like fiber. Our state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment is designed to leave behind no holes or yard damage. The stump's former location will be back filled with the remaining dirt, soil and mulch from the grindings and leveled to match the rest of the area.

  • From Solid Gold Jewelry

    Is this real gold or silver?

    We professionally test all of the items with different methods to determine the quality and the % of Gold or Silver in your items.

  • From Solid Gold Jewelry

    I am not sure about my jewelry being gold or silver?

    We do not charge to look at your jewelry or we do not charge to evaluate your jewelry.