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Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC is a full service Franchise Consulting and Development firm, with a portfolio over 390 leading franchise and business opportunities in 21 industries.

  • From Northgate Liquors

    What are your suggestions or rules to follow when pairing foods with wines?

    Although wine and food pairings are traditional, we say follow your pallet and drink what you like because everybody has different tastes.

  • From Foam It Insulation

    Do I need to be at home for the inspection?

    The NYSEG account holder needs to be present.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Can I heat with photovoltaic panels if I heat with electricity?

    Not the best application. Converting electricity to heating is an expensive way to use electricity. In some cases, you can use solar electricity to power a ground source heat pump or pellet stove. The best strategy to reduce your heating bill is weatherize (installing insulation, sealing up air leaks). There are incentives for that also, starting with a free energy audit.

  • From Ed Valdes Agency

    Do you only have auto insurance?

    No, we are a full service agency. We not only can cover your auto and home, but we provide motorcycle, boat, RV, snowmobile insurance and off road vehicles. In addition, we have a vast array of financial products including life insurance.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    How long will it take to have a system up and running?

    Generally it takes 8 to 14 weeks from the signature on the contract to having your system up and running. The actual installation may take anywhere from two to five days. The long lead times center around paperwork and inspections, both of which your solar installer will handle for you.