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Rynone Kitchen & Bath has been serving the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania since 1969. Our kitchen and bath showroom is unrivaled, boasting the largest range of kitchen displays in the surrounding area.

  • From Woodland Tree Service

    How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

    It is impossible to price a tree removal or pruning job over the phone or without viewing the tree. Every tree and location is different and the cost to remove or prune a tree is based on various factors. Price is based on the size of the tree, the method of removal (whether by crane, bucket or climbing), the location of the tree and its accessibility, and safety factors such as electrical lines nearby or trees that may be over a house. We provide estimates free of charge so that we can meet each client and survey the tree location.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Can I heat with photovoltaic panels if I heat with electricity?

    Not the best application. Converting electricity to heating is an expensive way to use electricity. In some cases, you can use solar electricity to power a ground source heat pump or pellet stove. The best strategy to reduce your heating bill is weatherize (installing insulation, sealing up air leaks). There are incentives for that also, starting with a free energy audit.

  • From Woodland Tree Service

    How soon can my tree work be completed?

    After confirmation of your written estimate, you will be placed on our schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. We work through the winter, which is often a slower time for us. Winter is the perfect time for many tree removals since the ground is frozen and there is less chance of harming ground cover. In the winter, jobs are usually completed in one to two weeks. The spring and summer are our busiest time of year so we do our best to complete jobs within four weeks time.

  • From Northgate Liquors

    What are your suggestions or rules to follow when pairing foods with wines?

    Although wine and food pairings are traditional, we say follow your pallet and drink what you like because everybody has different tastes.

  • From Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC

    What is it like working with a Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC consultant?

    Our approach to this business is very simple and straight forward. Our consultants will conduct an initial interview to gain insight to your previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses, investment range, target market and more. We will then work to select ideal franchises for you and assist you in researching the opportunity. When our clients are ready to take a serious look at a franchise we will facilitate the introduction then remain by your side throughout the remainder of the process.