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Lambrecht Auction, Inc.

Lambrecht Auction, Inc. has been conducting Auctions since 1958. Since that time, we have acquired experience selling assets such as: Real Estate, Ag & Construction Equipment, Firearms, Vehicles, Antiques, Building Materials, Restaurant Equipment, and more. We have worked for clients in varying circumstances that have included: Estates, business liquidations, Retirement, Bank Owned, Downsize, amongst others.

  • From Village Train and Hobby

    How long does it take to build a custom layout?

    It varies on what the customer wants. We have some folks who want to build the layout as fast as we can, and there are some who want a very large layout and that takes us much longer. On average, a 30-foot layout will take us 7 to 8 weeks to build.

  • From Crystal City Olive Oil,LLC

    Where do the oils come from?

    We use oils from all over the world. There is two different growing seasons for olive so we switch back and forth between the Northern and Southern Hemi-spheres in order to provide the consumer with the freshest olive oils.

  • From Ed Valdes Agency

    What exactly is No Fault Insurance?

    No Fault is the nickname given to coverage on your auto policy that protects you and your passengers after an auto accident. All associated medical bills up to the policy limits are paid regardless of who’s at fault for the accident.

  • From SURE TEMP

    Many homes and businesses have rooms that are no longer be used. Closing vents in these rooms will definitely save energy, right?

    In the past, closing registers in forced air heating systems and leaving some rooms in a house unconditioned was suggested as a method for saving energy. But studies have shown that that register closing leads to increased use of energy! Closing registers (especially those closest to the air handler) affects the system pressure and increases air duct leakage. So the result is that your system works harder to maintain the appropriate pressure and compensates for the conditioned air leakage. Closing registers is NOT recommended. If you have rooms that you don’t use in the winter, give Sure Temp a call and ask about a Zoned System for your house.

  • From Ed Valdes Agency

    How much coverage do I need?

    This will be different for each unique situation. Factors including type of vehicle, type of home and any assets owned should be considered. Then policies are tapered for each individual’s wants and specific needs. We highly recommend you speak with one of our experienced professionals to find the correct coverage for your needs