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Brookdale Vestal East & West

Brookdale Vestal East, formerly Emeritus at Woodland Manor, is a Vestal, NY assisted living community located conveniently off the Vestal Parkway. We serve the greater Binghamton region. We are close to movies, shopping, Binghamton University and many local eateries. However, we are nestled in a beautiful residential area with lots of interesting wildlife to see such as rabbits, deer and birds.

  • From Alliance Custom Stoneworks

    How much overhang can your counter top have without support?

    Anything less than 10-12". Anything more than 10-12" should be supported with brackets or corbels.

  • From Rick Bongiorno Insurance

    Life Insurance: How much coverage do I need?

    This varies on an individual basis. Things to consider are: funeral expenses, income, what you owe in loans (auto loans, student loans, medical expenses, etc.). Think of life insurance as transferring the risk from yourself to the life insurance company to payoff outstanding expenses and maintain your family’s lifestyle. Consider how many years of your salary would have to go toward all these expenses and how this would be taken care of if you are not here. Life insurance give you the ability to fund your expenses and maintain the lifestyle you would have given your family after you are gone. Funeral expenses is something people tend to overlook. Today, funeral costs are upwards of $10,000. Don’t leave your family searching for ways to pay for tomorrow when you can guarantee that it will be taken care of today. Your age and health are the determining factors in your life insurance rate. Generally, the younger and healthier you are, the less expensive your rate will be. If you set your rate as a healthy young adult, it cannot increase with age or illness.

  • From Northgate Liquors

    What are your suggestions or rules to follow when pairing foods with wines?

    Although wine and food pairings are traditional, we say follow your pallet and drink what you like because everybody has different tastes.

  • From Alliance Custom Stoneworks

    What is the maintenance on Granite?

    Make sure you seal your Granite when necessary and clean it regularly with mild soap and water.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Is there enough sun in the Northeast to make a system worth it?

    Absolutely. Binghamton, NY gets 73% of the sun that San Diego, California gets. There is plenty of sun to go around. Germany, an international solar leader, actually gets less sun than we do.