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  • From Woodland Tree Service

    How soon can my tree work be completed?

    After confirmation of your written estimate, you will be placed on our schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. We work through the winter, which is often a slower time for us. Winter is the perfect time for many tree removals since the ground is frozen and there is less chance of harming ground cover. In the winter, jobs are usually completed in one to two weeks. The spring and summer are our busiest time of year so we do our best to complete jobs within four weeks time.

  • From Village Train and Hobby

    Do you repair trains?

    About 95% of the time, toy trains can be repaired. We always asked, no matter what gauge it is, to bring their train in and let us look at it, and we can fix it. Especially if it is an ‘O’ gauge with the Lionel trains, parts are available for trains that are 100 years old! We always fix and even restore and refurbish trains!

  • From Crystal City Olive Oil,LLC

    Are the oils First Pressed?

    Yes, about 96% of the olive juice is obtained on the first press. The other 4% is not used for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • From Foam It Insulation

    Do I need to be at home for the inspection?

    The NYSEG account holder needs to be present.

  • From The Computer Man

    I run a business; can you help me with my computer networking?

    We love network-related problems. It does not matter whether you have a network of 2 computers or 200. If you have a problem, call us. We have a good team of Technicians who can resolve your problem.