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Family Fun Center

Skate Estate Family Fun Center

Since it opened in 1982, Skate Estate has become the premier outlet for skating enthusiasts. Skate Estate boasts a custom skate floor complete with lights, music, and disco balls! In addition to skating, families may enjoy a variety of arcade games, laser tag, minigolf, and waterslides.

  • From Cook’s Tree Service

    Are your estimates free?

    Yes they are.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    How big of a system do I need?

    The size of the system depends on a few factors. The key factor is your yearly kilowatt-hour usage. You can get that figure from adding up all your kWh use per month if you happen to save your bills, or you can get it directly from your utility company. Some people choose to try and have a system installed that will cover their entire load – others may opt to offset a certain percentage. The other two factors are your geographic location and the size of your roof or sunny area near the house to put your panels.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    How long will it take to have a system up and running?

    Generally it takes 8 to 14 weeks from the signature on the contract to having your system up and running. The actual installation may take anywhere from two to five days. The long lead times center around paperwork and inspections, both of which your solar installer will handle for you.

  • From Cook’s Tree Service

    Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes; American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard

  • From Northgate Liquors

    What are your suggestions or rules to follow when pairing foods with wines?

    Although wine and food pairings are traditional, we say follow your pallet and drink what you like because everybody has different tastes.