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Foam It Insulation is a family owned, Binghamton business that services the Southern Tier to complete energy audits through the NYSERDA program. Foam It Insulation is a BPI accredited Home Performance with Energy Star contractor.

  • From The Computer Man

    I run a business; can you help me with my computer networking?

    We love network-related problems. It does not matter whether you have a network of 2 computers or 200. If you have a problem, call us. We have a good team of Technicians who can resolve your problem.

  • From Village Train and Hobby

    Do you buy trains?

    Absolutely! Part of our business is buying toy train collections. Whether it be one piece or a thousand pieces of a collection that may have spent over 30 years collecting, or just a few small train that you don’t use anymore, we travel all over and definitely buy trains!

  • From SURE TEMP

    Many homes and businesses have rooms that are no longer be used. Closing vents in these rooms will definitely save energy, right?

    In the past, closing registers in forced air heating systems and leaving some rooms in a house unconditioned was suggested as a method for saving energy. But studies have shown that that register closing leads to increased use of energy! Closing registers (especially those closest to the air handler) affects the system pressure and increases air duct leakage. So the result is that your system works harder to maintain the appropriate pressure and compensates for the conditioned air leakage. Closing registers is NOT recommended. If you have rooms that you don’t use in the winter, give Sure Temp a call and ask about a Zoned System for your house.

  • From Crystal City Olive Oil,LLC

    Are the oils Cold Pressed

    Yes. The International Standard for Extra Virgin Olive Oil means that the oil cannot exceed 86 degrees when pressed. Our oils do not exceed 73 degrees. The lower the temperature the higher quality of oil is obtained.

  • From Village Train and Hobby

    Do you repair trains?

    About 95% of the time, toy trains can be repaired. We always asked, no matter what gauge it is, to bring their train in and let us look at it, and we can fix it. Especially if it is an ‘O’ gauge with the Lionel trains, parts are available for trains that are 100 years old! We always fix and even restore and refurbish trains!