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ANC HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, Inc, is Greater Binghamton's leading contracting Company providing heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. In addition, ANC specializes in quality natural gas wood pellet and firewood fired hearth products including stoves, inserts, gas logs set and grills.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    What about snow?

    The panels won’t produce when they are covered in snow. The good news is that they are extremely slippery and the snow can slide off when exposed to direct sunlight. If there is a small area of the array exposed, the sun will create heat and a film of water will develop under the snow, helping to facilitate snow removal. In addition, the times of year we get snow are also the times when we have the least sun. For example, In January, we get about 6% of the yearly total of sun-energy.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    How do I get started?

    Simple! The first step is to get your kilowatt-hour usage for the year and fill out the Southern Tier Solar Works form on-line or at one of the workshops (or, yes, the phone works too!). Once you submit it to us, we will get in touch with you to check out your site.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    How big of a system do I need?

    The size of the system depends on a few factors. The key factor is your yearly kilowatt-hour usage. You can get that figure from adding up all your kWh use per month if you happen to save your bills, or you can get it directly from your utility company. Some people choose to try and have a system installed that will cover their entire load – others may opt to offset a certain percentage. The other two factors are your geographic location and the size of your roof or sunny area near the house to put your panels.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Can I heat with photovoltaic panels if I heat with electricity?

    Not the best application. Converting electricity to heating is an expensive way to use electricity. In some cases, you can use solar electricity to power a ground source heat pump or pellet stove. The best strategy to reduce your heating bill is weatherize (installing insulation, sealing up air leaks). There are incentives for that also, starting with a free energy audit.

  • From F&F Custom Construction

    Can I use marble on my kitchen counters?

    We do not recommend the use of marble as kitchen counters because marbles are calcium carbonate, and their polished surface is more vulnerable to household acids including vinegar, mustard, catsup, citrus and a host of other food-related products. These acidic substances cause a chemical reaction, which will remove the polish. Additionally, marble and limestone can be scratched more easily than harder stones such as granite. Marble is, however, sometimes used in the kitchen as a pastry slab. It is a perfectly smooth, cool surface and is ideal for rolling out dough and pie crusts.