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Rynone Kitchen & Bath has been serving the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania since 1969. Our kitchen and bath showroom is unrivaled, boasting the largest range of kitchen displays in the surrounding area.

  • From Woodland Tree Service

    Why should I have my tree stumps ground? What is a stump grinder?

    A stump grinder is a machine that has a cutter wheel specifically manufactured to grind a stump and its root flares into a mulch-like fiber. Our state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment is designed to leave behind no holes or yard damage. The stump's former location will be back filled with the remaining dirt, soil and mulch from the grindings and leveled to match the rest of the area.

  • From Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC

    Why are your services free?

    The truth is our services are not free - they are just free to you, the franchise seeker. Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC is paid by the franchises we represent to assist them in the development and growth of their business.

  • From F&F Custom Construction

    How long will an installation take?

    The average job is finished in about 4 hours.

  • From ETM Solar Works

    Can I run my whole house with solar panels?

    That depends on your annual energy load. Average households use between 5,000 and 10,000 kilowatt hours per year. A 5,000 watt system will cover an area of approximately 450 square feet (15 X 30). A 10,000 watt system will cover twice that. A 5,000 watt system in Binghamton, NY will produce approximately 5,601 kWh of energy per year under optimal conditions.

  • From Woodland Tree Service

    When should I prune my trees?

    Conifers can be pruned any time of year, but pruning during the dormant season may minimize sap and resin flow from cut branches. Hardwood trees and shrubs without showy flowers should be pruned in the dormant season to easily visualize the structure of the tree, to maximize wound closure, reduce the chance of spreading disease, and to discourage sap flow. Trees and shrubs that flower in early spring such as dogwood should be pruned immediately after flowering. Trees and shrubs that flower in the summer and fall should be pruned during their dormant season. Dead branches can be removed any time of year.