Nanticoke, NY (WBNG Binghamton) If you stop by Ford Hill Country Club, you'll probably find Darlene Bianco and her husband Frank. Darlene may be 75, but you would never know it. "I think golf a lot of times is a stroke of luck," she said. However, she's been luckier than your average 75-year old golfer. This year she won the Ladies Club Championship at Ford Hill, and she did so by 11 strokes. "The girl that was in second place is one heck of a golfer," Darlene said. "I think the older you get the harder it is, because you know you figure your time is up. So I guess you just enjoy the moment." A moment she's gotten accustom too. She's won multiple club championships at multiple courses, and holds two course records. Not bad for someone who didn't pick up golf until she was in her 40's. "I always was a long ball hitter," she said. "I just guess because I played so many sports in school it was kind of natural." The man who started off this golfing machine is her husband Frank. Between the two of them, they still play five times a week. Pretty impressive considering Frank is 87. However his age is nothing. Ask Frank how much he can see, he'll say, "Hardly any, if I turn, out of the side of my eye I can see you better, but I would never know who you were." That's because Frank is legally blind. Together this World War 2 Veteran and his lifelong playing partner and eyes on the course look to beat father time, if only by a few strokes. "Just being out, you kind of get away from all your problems when you're out playing golf," Darlene said. "You don't think about your problems as much." Together Darlene and Frank say they're luckier than most. "I'm still my wife's partner," Frank chirped. "She hasn't switched for somebody else, she hasn't replaced me." Staying connected one drive, and one par putt at a time. Even if only one of them can see it drop.