Academic All-Star: Alicia Sullivan

By Gabe Osterhout

October 24, 2013 Updated Oct 24, 2013 at 8:43 PM EDT

Town of Chenango, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Chenango Forks senior Alicia Sullivan wanted to follow in her older sisters footsteps, so she started playing volleyball in 7th grade. During her freshman year, she decided to try cheerleading instead. That only lasted one year, and since then, she's played volleyball for three years, and loved every minute of it.

"My team," Alicia said. "I love my team. I wouldn't trade them for anything and the competition. It's always fun to go out there and try to beat the other team."

Sullivan is a setter, and that's exactly what she wants to do, help her teammates get involved in the play.

"Setting is what builds up the play and if you don't get a good set, you can't get a point," she said. "If it was me, if I was playing a different position then I would be watching the setter saying Oh my Gosh, I wish I could have gotten that if they didn't get a good set."

The volleyball team didn't qualify for sectionals, meaning her last game came at home on Monday. Her coach says she'll definitely be missed.

"She always has a positive attitude, she is very encouraging to the other players," said Caroline Waddell, the Blue Devils head coach. "Anytime she's asked to do anything she does it, she's just, she always gives 110 percent."

In the classroom, Sullivan carries nearly a 99 average. She loves biology, and wants to go to college to become a physical therapist.

"I just really want to help people and that's something that would help me do that," Sullivan said. "I've had problems in the past and had to go to a physical therapist and just the way they work with people is interesting to me."

Whether it's setting up her teammates on the volleyball court, or setting up her future with excellent grades in the classroom, Sullivan is a star. That's why she's this week's Academic All-Star.