BNG Golf Bargains Tour - River Run II

By wbng sports

July 20, 2012 Updated Jul 20, 2012 at 11:06 PM EDT

Kirkwood, NY (WBNG Binghamton)

" Well we're here at river run 2 golf links here in Kirkwood, NY. I have Chris Stricek here today he's going to play this 18th hole a par 3, 170 yard hole. It's got 2 bunkers and an elevated green, surrounded by 2 bunkers. We believe it's the biggest bunker in Broome County. And there's a little wind here, you could end up infront of the green and have to chip up onto it or you could chip into the other bunker as well and left is out of bounds over the fence."

"going into this hole I always just think anything on the green is good. You can't really go pin hunting with the two big bunkers right there. This green unlike the others on this golf course it's not very undulated. It's fairly flat, the left side is a little higher than the right. But it's ok to be pin high, on this green any putt is a nice putt to have. With this putt, I think it might be a little outside right, looks like it might dive downhill a little bit towards the biggest bunker in Broome County."

"par for Chris here on the 18th hole. A tough finishing hole with the Bunkers around. A nice tee shot, a good chance for a birdie but just missed a little bit and had a nice tap in par."