Keeping Their Golf Game Going All Winter Long

By wbng sports

February 5, 2013 Updated Feb 5, 2013 at 7:55 PM EDT

Endicott, NY (WBNG Binghamton)

For the golfers at Endicott's Greater Golf Training Center, winter is no obstacle to their weekly foursomes.

"I guess at this stage of my life, I found a new senior daycare center here at Greater Golf," said retired teacher Ron Simkulet.

It may be centered around golf, but the guys here are doing so much more than just chipping and putting.

But the guys here at Endicott's Greater Golf Training Center are doing so much more than chipping and putting.

"We'll come in hit balls, have a workout, eat a little lunch, chew the fat, exchange ideas, try to solve all the world's problems," said Simkulet. "That sort of thing."

They talk sports, a little golf, and even gun control because for some of them, they've been chatting bout the same topics for more than 20 years. With the same group of guys.

"Well, I'd say probably 20 years," said Bob Beaudoin. "It started at IBM in our golf league and then most of us are retired, we're all retired now, and we'd go out and play golf at least twice a week."

Even after 20-plus years of playing with the same foursomes, these "veterans of the game" aren't afraid of a little change.

"Then we meet people here and they join our group," said Beaudoin. "Now we probably have 16-20 people that are invited to play on a weekly basis, so it just keeps expanding."

Finding a way to hit the links, even if this grass is synthetic, and the course is digital because otherwise, "I'd probably do a lot of reading," said Beaudoin.

It may not be the equivalent of hitting the links for 18 holes, or even 9. During the winter though, this just has to do.