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BU students frustrated over lack of study space around campus

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Vestal, NY (WBNG Bingahamton) Finals week can be one of the most stressful times of the year for a college student, but it can become even worse when you can't find a study spot. This is a problem at Binghamton University-- one students say is escalating.

"It's always difficult, but especially during finals. It's pretty much a war," Michelle Lee, a junior at Binghamton University, explained.

It's a war to find a space to study.

"You see people like reserving 10 different seats for all of their friends, you see people leaving things overnight. It's really frustrating," Lee said.

The Glenn G. Bartle Library is a hot spot for studying on the Binghamton University campus. But, more times than not, students say you're on the outside looking in.

"Bartle is really bad," Anya Predich, a sophomore at Binghamton University, said. "They need to make more space. They are making more space for dormitories, but I haven't heard anything about making more rooms for studying."

More study room is important for students, especially during finals week. But this lack of space isn't just a problem during finals week, according to sophomore Karla Valdespion.

"It's been an all-year problem this year. Last year was a little bit better. This year, you can like feel the proximity to other people all the time," Valdespion said.

Rachel McNair, a senior at BU, said this problem is creating a lot of unneeded frustration for students.

"I often times find myself very frustrated, and I can't really get into the vibe of studying when I can't find a desk," McNair said.

McNair said she believes all of this frustration among students is due to the school not being able to handle the increasing population. "I think that the school really needs to accommodate for the students they're letting in, and I think it's just a little ridiculous," McNair explained. "They definitely need to take into account that if you let more kids in, you need more space."

Others, like Abby Stupple-- a sophomore-- are forced to make space.

"I've had to literally kick people out of spots that I reserved," Stupple said.

But Stupple said it's not like the school hasn't tried to solve the problem.

"The school made more of an effort this year to open up some spots for us, liking opening classrooms. But when there is an undergraduate program of like 15 thousand kids, more or less, and that's steadily growing, It makes it, everything, so much worse and hard to find."

Action News reached out to Binghamton University for comment on the matter.

BU spokesperson Ryan Yarosh sent us the following statement:

"We at Binghamton University do care about helping our students study for finals. The Dean of Students Office has arranged extended study locations and hours for finals week (Dec. 15 through Dec. 22), including 24-hour study space in the University Union. Extended hours also begin Wednesday, Dec. 16, in the Downtown Center. Check at binghamton.edu/residential-life/studyspace.html for more details on locations and hours."

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