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Mel Manasse & Son Auctioneers

Full Time Auctioneers with Full Time Experience

Since 1965, Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers has grown to become one of the largest auction companies in New York State. Our growth is due, in part, to our quality service and attention to detail. 

Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers has been in the Auction and Real Estate Business in the Central New York Region starting its 50th year this February 2014. We are a full time Professional Auction Company. 

Our goal is to be fair and to satisfy both the Buyer and Seller, through honesty. We will sell goods and Real Estate on commission or will purchase outright. Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers provides first-class service. 

We specialize in the Absolute Auction method of Marketing and sell large amounts of Livestock, Equipment, Businesses and all types of merchandise, especially Real Estate at these type of auctions. 

Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers would love the opportunity to speak with you about conducting your Auction. Give Us A Call Today... 1-800-MANASSE 

We can help you! We are specialists in all types of Auctions Including:

* Real Estate At Absolute Auction: 

• Large Tracts / Multiple-Parcels
• Commercial Buildings & Lots
• Single & Multi-Family Homes
• Vacant Lots
• Stone / Rock Quarries 

* Absolute Consignment Auctions
* Business Liquidation Auctions
* Construction & Heavy Equipment Auctions
* Farm Equipment Auctions
* Livestock & Alternative Livestock Auctions
* Public Repossession Auctions 

You Name It - We Can Sell It! We can sell your property (both real & personal) for you. Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers would love the opportunity to conduct your Auction. Let our vast experience in Auctions and tremendous following help to have both a successful and profitable Auction. For more information on our services and for a no obligation free consultation, please call us @ 1-800-MANASSE


Mel Manasse & Son Auctioneers

12 Henry St.
PO Box 738
Whitney Point, NY 13862

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