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Johnson City's Bradham Ballers

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) - Johnson City senior siblings, Daishawn "Day Day" and Asionna "Asia" Bradham, exemplify the confluence of family, love and basketball.

"We both love what we do," said Day Day. "We both love playing ball. We just get along. We love each other, and we just work hard."

"It's definitely a tough love," added Asia. "It's not a hate relationship at all. It's a tough love."

In a world where so much pressure is placed on high school athletes, Day Day and Asia's love for the game, but more importantly, their love for each other, is uniquely comforting.

"My sister is outgoing and she's, she's a strong girl," said Day Day. "She works hard and she's going to go somewhere far in life."

"We're very over-protective of each other," exclaimed Asia. "If something happens to him, I'm there. If something happens to me, he's there. And we both support each other whether we argue or not, because siblings, that's what they do."

And boy can they ball. Both have scored in double figures in each one of their games this season.

"She's a hard worker," said Johnson City girls basketball head coach, Dave Chilson, when describing Asia. "She's a leader. She's very focused. And really gives it all she's got every time she's here."

"I don't know if I'd say he's a basketball player," said Johnson City boys basketball head coach, Bill Spalik, when describing Day Day. "I think he's an outstanding athlete, and he just brings his athleticism on to the court."

And there's much more to this duo than what you simply see on the court.

"In school, I'm more focused, but we do talk at home," said Asia. "We're really close at home. We always have family dinners. We laugh. We joke around. And plus, it's our senior year, so we're kind of growing as brother and sister."

"When we have get-togethers with family, we like to dance and have fun, and all that," added Day Day. "We tell each other everything and that's my little sister, I mean I'd do anything for her."

All which makes for one gratified mother.

"I'm the proudest mom in Broome County," exclaimed Davona Parker. "I love my children very much, and they make me very proud to be their mom."

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