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Panel informs public of possible ACA repeal affects

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OWEGO (WBNG)-- There's been much discussion of repealing the Affordable Care Act since President Donald Trump took office. A panel discussion in Owego Thursday night brought up some issues the community about possible affects of repealing the law.

Dozens of people gathered in the Tioga County Office Building to discuss changes that could happen to their heathcare.

"We want to raise awareness of this movement to repeal the health care legislation. We want to engage people politically to make sure that they understand what's at stake," said Tioga County Democratic Committee Chair, Diane Lechner. 

The panel consisted of people who could speak on behalf of issues with the Affordable Care Act, cuts to social security, medicare and other political issues like Planned Parenthood.

A hefty turnout proved people were interested in learning more about these possible changes.

"It's clear that voters are engaged across the political spectrum," said Leslie Danks Burke, one of the panelists. "People are interested in knowing what these decisions are, that our elected officials are making, and this is the sort of event where people can learn the information that they know."

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have promised to repeal and replace the Obama-era law, but without creating disruptions for millions already covered.

It's still a concern to many who were involved with the discussion.

"It helps seniors who are in the so-called 'donut hole' pay for drugs in the 'donut hole.' It allows parents to keep their children on till they are 26 years-old. It removes lifetime caps," said Discussion Coordinator, Kevin Millar.

Informing residents who would be affected, to offer their opinion.

"The most important thing is to call your state legislature, and your federal legislatures and say how do you plan to pay for the additional money that it is going to cost if we repeal the Affordable Care Act," Danks Burke said. 

Panel officials don't have a set date to when they will meet again.

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