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Protesters turn out for Claudia Tenney Binghamton office grand opening

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- A grand opening at Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's Binghamton Office took place Monday.

"We're really happy to have staff here, be up and running wanna be here for people in the Southern Tier to have a place that they can come in and deal with their case work and any other issues we have," Tenney, the Republican 22nd Congressional District representative, said. 

Protesters waited to greet Tenney at the Metro Center in downtown Binghamton, but they weren't all able to take a step inside.     

"She refused to see people, people were out here with stories about how this is going to affect their lives, she has literally locked us out in the cold," Mary Clark, of Citizen Action of New York, said. 

In addition to doors being locked, Binghamton Police were also called to the scene. Tenney's staff says it wasn't them, that it was a measure done by building management. 

The protesters were hoping to get a chance to discuss health care with their representative .
"Right now what we're finding, if they repeal the affordable care act, 84,000 people here in our district will lose their health care," Clark explained. 

One group was able to meet with Tenney and discuss this very issue. 

"It didn't end on a very good note, she said at the end that we'll never agree but thank you for coming in to talk to us, yeah it was a very frustrating meeting," Matt Wahila, of Endwell, said. 

Still Tenney says even if she doesn't have the same opinion as people, she still wants to meet and hear from them. 

"We're continuing to meet with people every single day I meet with hundreds of people every week and talking about all the issues, whether it's in Washington or here in the district," Tenney said. 

As for a town hall meeting, she says she is waiting on security clearance because of threats against her before she can host one. She says it is unlikely she will have one before a vote in Congress on health care. 

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