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National Guard clears BU parking lots

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VESTAL (WBNG) -- Binghamton University had a lot less snow Saturday evening, thanks to the National Guard.

The soldiers spent the day removing snow from nine of the university's parking lots. They were assigned to pitch in to help the BU maintenance staff, which they say has been working 18 hour shifts since Tuesday's storm.

"The soldiers I've been working with have been hauling through everything we've been given," Lieutenant Stephen Hetman said. "We've been given four day operations, done them in a day and a half. When we were in Deposit, New York, even the mayor there was saying we were going around with big smiles on our faces. Everyone's waving, having a good time, and it doesn't matter we're working 10 hour days, 12 hour days. We just keep going, doing what we do."

Lt. Hetman was not able to say if the soldiers had other assignments before leaving Binghamton, or when they were scheduled to leave the area.

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