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How 'Tibah' could win two BU students $100K

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VESTAL (WBNG) -- Two Binghamton University students have developed a texting service to help personal trainers keep track of their clients workout habits.

Its called "Tibah" and the service has been so successful, David Axelrod and co-founder Mauricio Morales  were selected as one of 25 companies competing for $100,000 through a competition called EFest.

"She (Tibah) is an automated system that will text clients throughout the week," said Co-founder David Axelrod. "It asks 'hey, how was your last meal? What are you going to do for a workout over the weekend?' and all sorts of other things that really engage clients and increases the number of touch points a gym has with clients."

The idea started when the two friends began working out together.  In the beginning, Morales would text people manually.

"It is not necessarily an app. It is more of a text messaging platform," Morales explained. "You can use it with your standard text messaging app instead of going through the process of downloading something."

The duo sells the service to gyms and personal trainers. The students have already partnered with K.W. Fitness in Vestal. The trainers log the text messages to keep up with clients and make sure they are following their programs.

"Tibah is amazing for us as trainers because obviously we cant walk around with our clients everyday, watching what they are eating and doing and when they are actually exercising and if they are," said Kevin Webb of K.W. Fitness. "This takes this out of the equation and they can simply be held accountable with Tibah by texting back and fourth."
Tibah will be pitched before a panel headlined by Shark Tank's Daymond John and Best Buy Founder Richard Schulze in April.

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