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Binghamton High School student accepted to top-tier music college

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A dream has turned into a reality for one Binghamton High School senior. Binghamton High School senior Jonah Capani was accepted to the prestigious Eastman School of Music.

"The whole time that I've known I wanted to go into music, I've wanted to go to Eastman," said Capani.

And Eastman is where Jonah will take his singing voice after graduating this year.

Eastman is located in Rochester, and is a highly competitive school, with only 125 freshman and 125 graduate students being accepted out of 2,000 total applicants.

That's an acceptance rate for incoming freshman of only six percent.

"My mom went [to Eastman], and so she gave me the insight on what it was like at Eastman, and she told me that it's just this total musical experience," said Capani. "It's connected to University of Rochester, but they're on separate campuses, so you're just surrounded by music the whole time, which really appealed to me."

Eastman wasn't the only school on Jonah's radar, as his applications spread out across New York State and across the country.

"I applied to four schools total," Capani explained. "I did Eastman, Oberlin Conservatory, Florida State School of Music and SUNY Purchase."

These applications aren't your average online university application. There are a handful of steps to follow to be considered for acceptance.

"For all my schools except for Florida State, you send in videos as pre-screening recordings then if they like you, they invite you to a live audition," said Capani.

Jonah was accepted to SUNY Purchase in addition to Eastman, but Eastman is where he felt he fit best.

He will pursue his bachelor's degree in vocal performance before going off to graduate school to pursue a Doctorate in Musical Arts (DMA).

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