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Broome County releases 'lessons learned' from relentless snowstorm


(WBNG) -- Broome County has released an "After Action" report, documenting which actions were taken during the relentless snowstorm that hit the Southern Tier March 14 and 15.

The document seeks to paint an accurate picture of the County's response to the storm. It discusses several strengths and reviews the lessons learned during the event.

The report, compiled by County Executive Jason Garnar and Director of Emergency Services Michael Ponticello, applauds the National Weather Service for its updates and communication before and during the storm to municipal leaders.
According to the document, the Emergency Operations Center, which is comprised of representatives from multiple different agencies, worked as it should to ensure tasks were taken care of during the storm. The report also acknowledged the NYSDOT, Broome County Highway Dept. and many municipalities' efforts to work together to clear roads quickly and efficiency

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The section after "strengths" lists "lessons learned."

Taken directly from the report: "City of Binghamton lifted their local travel ban while the County's remained in effect (which included the City of Binghamton) causing major public confusion-Although the County travel ban was effect until Noon on March 15, the City of Binghamton lifted their local travel ban for the City at 0600 on March 15. This created confusion and sent mixed messages to the public as to whether they should be on the roads or not."

"We are going to make sure our municipal leaders understand that-- at least at the municipal level, when the county issues a travel ban that goes for the whole entire county," said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar (D). "Just like if the state were to issue a travel ban across the state, counties individually cant life their own travel bans. It holds for the whole state."  

Mayor Rich David's office did not return our request for comment Wednesday.

New York State Police also wanted more four-wheel drive vehicles on the road during the storm. Although the New York State Police had many "all-wheel drive" vehicles available, it quickly became apparent that the storm would require "four-wheel drive" vehicles, which were available locally only in limited quantities.

View the full report below:

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