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Avoid fluctuating energy bills by reporting your meter reading

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In the last two months, some viewers have received energy bills with this month's amount being quite a bit more or less than the last month.

Some viewers have reached out to us about this, and 12 News went looking for answers.

NYSEG says this fluctuation stems from the process NYSEG uses to estimate meter readings.

For estimates, NYSEG uses a prior usage pattern to determine what the estimate should be.

"We deal with actual readings and then we deal with estimated readings and the actual readings is when we are able to come and get a precise meter reading," said NYSEG Public Information Officer Juanita Washington. "They estimate when we're not able to get those and we have to build in an estimate of your usage for that month."   

To keep the billing amount constant and prevent large swings in billing amounts, NYSEG urges customers to read their own meters during the months which are estimated and submit the reading to NYSEG.

Reading a meter is similar to reading the speedometer in your car, except instead of miles per hour, this is in kilowatt hours.

When you read your meter, try to compare it to the previous actual reading and see if your reading makes sense.

A full explanation from NYSEG on how to read your meters can be found below.

Reading a meter can be complicated, so NYSEG allows customers to snap a picture of their meter and email it to NYSEG customer service with their account number as the subject.

For a complete description of how you can submit your readings to NYSEG to keep your billing amounts steady, instructions can be found on the NYSEG website here.


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