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Walk Owego promotes healthy activity during road closure

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Businesses have created a health campaign in Owego, following a construction project that could negatively impact some businesses. 

Construction started Monday on Lake Street for work on a water main, leaving the street blocked off. 

"Lake Street has always been a place where people can just pull their car right up, run into a business, and do their business and leave, now we don't have the option to do that for the next five months," Julie Lovelass, a co-owner of The Owego Kitchen, explained. 
Now as part of a new project, signs that read Walk Owego can be spotted all around the village. They tell you how many steps you have to a certain intersection and promote walking instead of driving. 

"This is our response to it, where we're promoting healthy living in Owego and what all we have to offer," Laura Spencer Eberly, the owner of Riverow Bookshop, said. 

The campaign helps businesses overcome the hurdle of seeing the street closed and smaller sidewalks. 

"It's going to be a big change for all of us, we'll eventually get used to it, because we're going to have to, it's work that has to get done, there's just no way around it," Lovelass said. 

Business owners want to remind people that their doors remain open throughout the construction project, and this is a way of working together to promote that.

"We're all here and we know that we have a very supportive community and we don't expect anything less, but to the outside observer looking in we just want them to know that we stick together, we're here and we'll make it through this street closure," Lovelass explained. 

Those who spoke with told 12 News said the project could last for five months. 

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