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How teachers are turning fidget spinners into classroom tool

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CALIFORNIA (CBS/KFMB) – Some teachers have come up with creative ways to use the toys that are suddenly flying off store shelves and spinning out of control in classrooms across the country.

Fidget spinners are designed to help children concentrate.

The pinwheel-like device has become the must-have toy in recent months, and teachers near San Diego, California, have found creative ways to incorporate fidget spinners into classroom lessons.

“I like it because it helps when you're stressed, like it calms you down,” said first grader Brooks Baganz.

“First one kid had it, and then two kids, and was multiplying, so it's either embrace it, or what are we going to do next,”said Megan Power, a first grade teacher.

Many schools across the county have actually banned fidget spinners.

But in Power's first grade class at Design 39 Campus in the Poway School District, the device is putting a new spin on learning.

“We an use it for math, we can use it for graphing, being able to time it, variables, space and rotation, and revolving, and that talks about physics and science,” Power said.

These students are also using fidget spinners to learn about probability.

Other students are using them to randomly select math problems to solve, write how to manuals, and work on verbal communication skills.

But what about students who need a fidget spinner?

When they're not part of the curriculum, Power says that's something she works out with parents. But there are ground rules.

“A rule for a fidget is it shouldn't be above your lap. It should be in your lap and your eyes should not look down at it. Your eyes should look forward to concentrate on what you're doing,” the teacher explained.

Teachers at the school say, because the children know they'll use fidget spinners during math class, they rarely have issues with them during other activities.

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