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Village of Deposit remains under local state of emergency

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DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- The Village of Deposit remains under a local state of emergency after a slope failure on High Street, near Allen Street.

A few weeks ago, rainfall caused an embankment to erode as mud was washed down, causing High Street to be declared unsafe.

"It is an emergency, the village doesn't have the money to get it fixed and going into a state of emergency, it opens up the doors for other places maybe that could help us out, [like] FEMA, get that fixed," said Village of Deposit Supervisor Gary Davie.

The slope failure is right up against the guide rails. Over the rails, there is a 60 foot drop.

12 News was able to survey the damage from a homeowner's backyard, located under the slope failure.

The mud and debris clumped up at the bottom of the hill, stopping just feet from their backyard shed. 

To make the necessary repairs, the mud must first be removed from the bottom of the hill, then crews can use stones to secure the bank, or they could use steel beams to support the road.

"Twenty feet below the guard rails, [we're] talking about benching it, and putting, driving steel into the ground after the Geotech determines how deep the bedrock is," said Davie. "Because we can only go to the bedrock with pounding steel."

The price tag of these repairs is one of the main reasons behind the state of emergency.

"The number and the amount of repairs is going to be about $100,000, so we have to find funding somewhere or agencies help us out, whether its DOT, or Broome County, [which already] has," Davie explained. 

The village wants to keep all traffic on the upslope side of the road to prevent even more damage, as buses, heavy logging trucks, and residents travel on that road daily.

Village officials hope to have the slope repaired and both lanes of the road reopened by winter, but if resources don't come through in time, it may have remain as is until next spring.

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