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West Windsor community shows support for girl hurt in lawn mower accident

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WEST WINDSOR (WBNG) -- Two months ago, 7-year-old Myleanna Siedlecky got into a lawn mower accident. Siedlecky was on the lawn mower with her mom and little brother.

Her shoe fell off and she went to grab it. Siedlecky slipped from her mother's arms and the lawn mower ran over her leg.

"It is a lot more common than I was aware," said Jessica Bixby, Siedlecky's mother. "I mean everybody knows that they're dangers but you don't realize how dangerous it is until something like this hits home."

Myleanna needed a below the knee amputation of her left leg. Bixby said she continues to be strong for her daughter during this difficult time.

"You don't realize how much good there actually is until unfortunately, something like this happens but we're blessed," said Bixby. "The love, the support, everything is just truly amazing."

On Saturday, community members came together to raise money for Siedlecky's medical expenses. Among the out pour of support were Siedlecky's former teachers.

"She's a bright young girl," said C.R Weeks Elementary School teacher Amy Putney. "She's going to do great things. I think we're just here today to support her and let their whole family know that were behind them."

Siedlecky's first grade teacher speaks only positive words about the little girl. 

"She's a vibrant little girl," said C.R.Weeks Elementary School first grade teacher Michelle Davis. "Unfortunately because of the accident we haven't seen  as much of her as we'd like but when she's there she's just like a ray of sunshine. She's a wonderful, wonderful, little girl."

The funds will go specifically to helping the family with home modifications for a wheel chair and prosthetic accessibility for Siedlecky.

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