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Catching up with McKeown - Part I

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VESTAL (WBNG) - In part one of this three part series, Sports Director Larry Burneal sits down with Binghamton men's lacrosse coach Kevin McKeown to discuss how life is different heading into year two in charge of the BU men's lacrosse program. 

What is different for you right now in year two as being the head coach versus in year one?

"I think after having a year under our belt, we've got a better idea of who we are as a program and I don't think our goals have changed," said Binghamton men's head lacrosse coach Kevin McKeown. "Our goal every year is to make the NCAA playoffs. Certainly, we have a better idea of what we need in recruiting and we are looking for a high student-athlete, high-caliber student-athlete here at Binghamton and we are spending a lot of time on the road this summer, so I think that's the biggest focus for us right now."

Is there anything you learned in year one as a head coach that you can take into year two?

"I think there's a whole laundry list of things," said McKeown. "I think taking it one day at a time, not trying to do too much. You can only get some much done at once. It's a long process, each season is a long journey, so I think that's something I am focusing on going into next year."

What's going on on campus right now? I saw you guys tweeted out a picture of some new facilities.

"Our sports medicine area got a huge upgrade with some new cold tubs down there," said McKeown. "A lot bigger and a better upgrade than our previous ones so we are excited about that. There's a lot of construction going on as you walk around campus. We just had a recruit on campus the other day and the family certainly commented on that, how nice the new campus is, so it's an exciting time to be on campus and we are looking forward to getting some new faces here."

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