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Part II with McKeown - Replacing the senior class

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VESTAL (WBNG) - The Binghamton men's lacrosse team had three players honored as first team All-America East performers, Tom Moore, Garrett Waldron and Tanner Cosens. All three were seniors in 2017 meaning the Bearcats will need to find replacements for 2018. In part two of sports director Larry Burneal's conversation with Binghamton men's lacrosse head coach Kevin McKeown they discuss how to replace a stellar senior class. 

With the great season, you had to have players perform well. One of those players is Tom Moore who is now playing professional. Have you seen him play at all professionally yet?

"I've watched all three games online," said Binghamton men's lacrosse head coach Kevin McKeown. "I haven't seen a game in person yet. He is actually playing up in Rochester this weekend so potentially (I) could get up there for that one. It's not really a surprise that Tom is doing well. I kind of expected it. Certainly with his offensive ability, I think he is a player who is built to play in that league at a fast pace."

How do you go about trying to replace the production he had for you guys last year?

"I don't think we are going to do it with one person," said McKeown. "Tom was certainly a special talent and I think we have a lot of guys coming back that I think can all contribute to that. Somebody who didn't play last year, Ben Kocis, is a guy who is a former first team all-conference player. Certainly his athleticism and ability to shoot the ball are going to help there. I think our returners, guys like Joe Licata and Stephen Petrelli and Griffin Konen at attack. We are expecting them to make some strides in their game this summer and I think it's going to be a little bit from everybody to replace Tom's production."

You are also losing Tanner Cosens who had a phenomenal year in the net. You were a phenomenal goalie here as well. Who can fans expect to see next year in net?

"Well, we are not really sure yet," said McKeown. "We've got one returner, Kevin Carbone. He'll be our lone returner in the goal and we have two freshman coming in that we feel good about. They are both kind of similar to Tanner in their size and athleticism and how they play the position, so we are looking forward to a three-way battle. I don't think we are going to have any clear-cut answers after September or October. I would expect it to carry on into the early season."

Tune into WBNG on Sunday for part three of sports director Larry Burneal's conversation with McKeown. They will dive into recruiting and if there's been an uptick in interest given Binghamton's success in 2017. 

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