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Part III with McKeown - recruiting & catching Albany

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VESTAL (WBNG) - In part three of Sports Director Larry Burneal's conversation with Binghamton head men's lacrosse coach Kevin McKeown, the two discuss if there has been an uptick in recruiting interest for the Bearcats following their breakout season and how Binghamton can close the gap on the Albany Great Danes. 

What's it like on the recruiting trail right now? Have you seen any buzz after the big season?

"Yeah, a lot of people recognize the name a little bit more and we are certainly seeing a lot more email interest in the program," said Binghamton head men's lacrosse coach Kevin McKeown. "So that's exciting. It's really important to get our name out there and do it in a positive light like we had done this past year. I think we've seen a greater interest in Binghamton and also a greater awareness in the lacrosse world of who we are."

New York has phenomenal lacrosse high school programs around the entire state and there are some (in the Southern Tier) as well. How important is recruiting local kids like Tanner Cosens?

"Local guys are huge," said McKeown. "They have great pride in the school and in the area. We have some great programs here. Vestal High School, down the road, had a great run this year. Homer High School, which is about 40 minutes away, made it to the sectional semifinals up in Section III, which is a really competitive area. We are going to continue to try to mine that local talent and hopefully keep a few of the local guys home."

Albany continues to be a dominant force in the America East, how can you continue to try to catch up to them?

"I think the biggest thing that we are going to try to do, certainly we know Albany set the bar and where they are, they set it high, but we are not going to look at or focus on catching Albany," said McKeown. "One thing we stress with our guys is to really try to improve and have a growth mindset. So, I think the best way for us to beat Albany is to just focus on getting better every day and for us as coaches, that's getting better as coaches and getting better recruits and better athletes on campus."

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