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CHOOSE 607: The Afton Museum

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AFTON, NY (WBNG) --  Afton is one of the oldest villages in Chenango County, and it has its own museum.

Settled in 1786, the village of Afton has a rich history. It is documented at the Afton Museum. It features things like old time telephones, farm equipment and classic kitchen items.

"The more things change, the more things stay the same," said Wendy Caldiero, who is a member of the Afton Historical Society. "This shows how over the years people have always needed those things and invented things to help them obtain these items and things they need."
The building was donated to the Afton Historical Society several years ago.  All of the people who work there are volunteers. All of the items are donated by people in Afton and surrounding areas.

A woman named Isabelle Jennings helped establish the Afton Historical Society more than 100 years ago. She started by donating dolls, toys and other items for the museum.

Now, each room in the museum has a theme and its own set of interesting items. The museum is just outside the village and has something for everyone, including historic items from the Afton Fair.

"(People) can learn about things and relate them to things they know now in their own home," said Caldiero. "They can relate them also to how their grandparents lived or how their great grandparents lived and get a feel for their own family history and the history of the town."

The land that is now Afton was settled in 1786  but would not be named Afton until 1857. Before that, it was known as South Bainbridge.

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