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Gillon provides reinforcement for Boeheim's Army

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SYRACUSE (WBNG) -- On Thursday, 12 Sports featured Boeheim's Army ahead of The Basketball Tournament that tips off this weekend, so let's now check in on the newest and youngest addition to the team, John Gillon.

After not landing with an NBA Summer League team, and Scoop Jardine not being able to go this year due to a nagging injury, GM Kevin Belbey desperately needed a point guard to join his now nine-man roster.

According to, Belbey contacted Gillon through his brother Shaun, and now Boeheim's Army is well-equipped at the one for its opening round game against DuBois Dream on Saturday at 6 p.m. in Philadelphia.

"It means a lot man," said Gillon. "To be seen high enough to be able to even be considered to be on this team means a lot to me, and I don't want to let anybody down."

"John's ready," added Eric Devendorf. "He's been playing. He's in shape. He can push the ball. That's what we're looking to do. We're looking to get up and down, get easy shots, and John can do that for us."

"He brings a lot of speed to the game," said Brandon Triche. "He should be able to get a lot of easy buckets for us just off of outletting and just being able to push the ball down the floor. He creates a lot of tension, and he can also make the three. Obviously a big shot-maker, as well, so I think we have four solid guards who all do different stuff. We all are shooters. We make shots, which is the most important part."

You can catch their first round game on ESPN 3.

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