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Fishing trip gone wrong for Tioga County fire chief

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Robert Miner Robert Miner

NICHOLS (WBNG) -- Nichols Joint Fire District Chief Robert Miner went fishing for his truck Monday after a bit of a mishap.

"Beautiful day, went to go launch my boat in the town of Tyrone that hooks up Waneta and Lamoka Lake," explained Miner. "Got out, put the plug in, released the straps, backed the boat into the water."

But then Miner heard something.

"My truck made a clunk noise and I noticed it rolled back, say an inch," said Miner. "I'm looking at it thinking to myself, what's going on?"

The boat went into the water and so did Miner's truck.

"I stood there in awe," said Miner. "Like what just happened? Taking everything in, watching the water start filling into my truck, jumped into the canal to grab the important things, cellphone and tablet."

As his truck drifted away, his wife grabbed her cellphone to Facebook live the whole ordeal.

After a call for help, first responders, local law enforcement, the D.E.C. and a towing company all arrived on scene.

No one was hurt. Miner's truck is a total loss.

Miner also says he believes the park and brake pin broke, sending his truck into the water.

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