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CHOOSE 607: The story behind the name 'Deposit'

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DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- Deposit has a rich history of logging along the Delaware River, which lead to the village getting its name. The village motto reads: "Where nature blesses, there man progresses," which ties in to why this area is named Deposit.
Logging was at first the main industry as settlers cleared the land for residential purposes. 

"It was the lowest point on the Delaware River," said Luke Tucker, President of the Lumberjack Festival. "That is where they brought all of the timber to put on the rafts and float down the river to Philadelphia. So they called it the Deposit point."

Those early pioneers are a part of why the lumberjacks are so celebrated in the are. The Lumberjack Festival is now in its 41st year. Organizers have revamped this event with a focus on the history of the village and those who first settled this area by logging.

"The lumberjack is our mascot for Deposit," Tucker said. "This festival is 41 years old so it is very traditional and it is symbolic for us. It's awesome."

This year will once again feature timber-sports like ax throwing and long rolling. According to the village, the first permanent settler was a man named John Hulce who came from Orange County in the Spring of 1789.

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