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Local Bulldogs connect team with community

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - The Binghamton Bulldogs are gearing up for its inaugural season in the ABA. Tuesday night was the first time the team gathered together as the Bulldogs, so it's helpful that many of the players have connections to the Southern Tier. 

The Bulldogs have two players that went to Binghamton High School (Jimmy Gray and Chris Cartwright), three including head coach Reggie Hawkins. Oneonta (Alex Mirabito), Norwich (Seth Thomsen) and Cortland (Jordan Prior) High Schools are also represented. 

At the collegiate level, Binghamton University (Jimmy Gray and Kyrie Sutton), Oswego State (Alex Mirabito), Oneonta State (Seth Thomsen), TC3 (Chris Cartwright) and Davis College (Moni Anderson) also have connections to the team. The local talent on the Bulldogs, like Binghamton native Jimmy Gray, is excited to perform in front of the Southern Tier once again. 

"I've always loved playing in front of them," said Bulldogs guard Jimmy Gray. "I have had nothing but support from the community since I've been playing in middle school, in high school and to the next level. So it's extremely special to me."

"It's really good to have the local guys," said Bulldogs head coach Reggie Hawkins. "We've got a couple of guys that played at BU on the team. They have a good following from that good team they had a few years back and it's great for them to come out for the community. I'm born and raised in Binghamton so community is very big for me."

Games begin this fall. The Bulldogs will play their home games at Seton Catholic Central. 

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