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Popular Tompkins County waterfall flowing again

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TRUMANSBURG (WBNG) -- The sound of water flowing was not heard much at Taughannock Falls State Park in 2016.

"We had hardly any rain last year," said Taughannock Falls State Park Manager John Vanvalen. "But we're making up for it this year."

The park was created in 1925 and stretches over 750 acres.

On Sunday dozens of visitors made a stop at the falls to take a picture or enjoy a day with family. One of those visitors included Watkins Glen resident Joanne Powers.

"We came here expecting a lot of water," said Powers. "Compared to some years we've been here and its been just a trickle."

Powers is a regular visitor of the highest single drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. She said the waterfall is much more hydrated this year.

 "This is not as much as I've seen in pictures coming across, but this year you expect water," added Powers.

Park officials said the 215 foot waterfall attracts thousands of people year-round. Officials also said heavy rainfall played a major role in creating a big difference this year.

"We got four or five inches less than a week ago," said Vanvalen. "The fall is beautiful, it's running. All of our trails are open right now. I keep getting calls asking if they've been washed away, but they haven't."

Vanvalen also said this year's attendance number has increased due to increased rainfall.

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