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2017 Binghamton July Fest draws large crowds

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) --The 55th annual July Fest wrapped up Sunday. Organizers estimate around 20,000 people came to the festival throughout the weekend. 

Every year July Fest always brings new people and business to the area. 

"It's about the downtown, the business association wants to promote and hope all the new businesses do well," said President of the Binghamton Business Association Ron Sall. 

The weekend festival features live music, food, crafts and local art. Some said July Fest business for vendors was booming. 

"The crowds were very big yesterday, it was a big Saturday for us," Sall said. 

Vendors agree, the event drew large crowds this year. 

"Crowds have been great this year the shoppers have been wonderful, they're buying local, supporting local artists," said Theresa Madsen, co-owner of Madsen Arts. 

It's one of the reasons vendors return each year. Vendors also appreciate support from July Fest organizers. 

"You have the loyalty to come back and support them as much as they support you," Madsen said. 

Gary Rith has been selling his pottery at July Fest for the past nine years. Locals come back every year to buy his unique mugs and bowls and he comes back for the Binghamton community. 

"People of Binghamton really roll out the welcome mat and couldn't be nicer to us," Rith said.

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