Ohio councilman proposes 'Three Strikes' rule for overdose patie

Ohio councilman proposes 'Three Strikes' rule for overdose patients

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MIDDLE, O.H. (CBS/WBNG) – Like much of the country, paramedics in Middletown, Ohio have been responding to a rash of opioid overdoses. In an effort to curb the cost of the epidemic, the City is considering a method that has sparked controversy.

So far this year, Middletown EMS has responded to more than 600 overdose calls, according to a CBS News report.

City leaders say they've surpassed the $11,000 they spent on treatments like Nalaxone (Narcan) last year and are on pace to spend more than $100,000 this year.

“My issue is that we're gonna run out of money,” said Middletown City Councilman Dan Picard. 

Councilman Picard has proposed a “Three Strikes” plan. He says those who overdose once or twice would have to perform community service and pay off the cost of the emergency response. If they don't, the proposal states EMS workers don't have to respond the third time.

“My message to addicts is, yeah, stay away from Middletown. 'Cause we might not show up to treat you,” he told CBS News.

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