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Local baseball minds team up at Crack of the Bat

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VESTAL (WBNG) - Since 2005, assistant baseball coach at Binghamton University Ryan Hurba has been teaching kids in the Southern Tier how to hit, field, and throw like a Bearcat at the Crack of the Bat baseball camp at BU.

"Crack of the Bat is my link to the community," said Hurba. "We went to a half day program, and spread it out over two weeks. So we go Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to noon. The boys can go home, shower, eat lunch and relax. And then if they have a game, they're not all worn out."

Not only is the idea of being taught by of one of the area's best hitting coaches exciting, but having college baseball players return home to help is an added bonus for the kids.

"These coaches that you're going to work with in the next few days were in your shoes, six, seven, eight, nine years ago," said Hurba. "And a lot of them are our players at Binghamton University. They're college baseball players from the area that have come back for the summer time and just love giving back to the community, being around Crack of the Bat"

The local talent is important to Hurba as both Binghamton University pitcher Joey Orlando and Seton Catholic head baseball coach Nick Anderson attended the camp when they were younger, and are now assistants to Hurba during his two week camp.

"(We're) trying to get them to understand that they could be in my shoes one day, playing for Binghamton University," said Binghamton University pitcher Joey Orlando. 

"The best part about it is all these kids are here because they want to be here. All of them want to grow and be better and have fun," said Seton Catholic head baseball coach Nick Anderson. "So, it's just a really enjoyable experience."

"They're always going to be doing drills about different positions," said Crack of the Bat camper Micky McGovern. "Even though your primary position (may be) first base, third base, right field."

You can find additional details on Crack of the Bat on the camp's website

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