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Greens for DICK'S Sporting Goods Open on par

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ENDICOTT (WBNG) -- Just days before the DICK'S Sporting Goods Open, the greens are up to speed. 

That due in large part to the endless work by crews at En-Joie Golf Club, independent landscapers and PGA Tour Agronomist Mike Crawford, who is on hand ahead of the big weekend. 

Crawford's job is to go to courses that will hold pro tournaments and approve conditions. That includes checking that height of grass, making sure tree limbs are not hanging over the fairway, as well as testing the speed of the putting green. He checks a green's speed with a Stimpmeter. 

"It's designed so that when a golf ball is put in to it and propped up at a certain angle, the golf ball falls out," said Crawford. "We measure the distance in two different directions that it goes. We try to find a flat spot on the green. We measure it, roll it in one direction, roll it back in the other direction, and we measure the average of those two. Then you come up with a number in feet, and that is the speed."

This is Crawford's first time working with crews at En-Joie, but he said it's a unique course because of its style and beautiful condition. 

"This place is pretty special, it really is," explained Crawford. "It's in fantastic condition right now."

Final touches will be done, perfecting nature as best as crews can to the centimeter, but on Friday Crawford said the course will be ready for the tournament. 

On Monday, players will start flocking to Endicott for practice rounds. 

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