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New York officials react to Charlottesville rally

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(WBNG) -- Several New York state officials have released statements Saturday, regarding the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) released this statement:

"I and my fellow New Yorkers reject the hateful and ugly ‎rhetoric and violence taking place in Charlottesville last night and into today. We condemn the language of white supremacy and ugly racist hate speech and stand appalled at the violence that has resulted in injury and death. There are not many sides to the violence of last night and today - these actions and this speech are a poison and serve to bring us all down to the lowest and most un-American of moments. I stand united with the many voices who call this out for what it is - hate, ignorance and bigotry and I join all who loudly speak out in truth and condemnation. "

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) released this statement:

“My heart is with the people of Charlottesville, especially those standing up to hatred, racism, and bigotry.  

The white supremacist violence on display in Charlottesville this weekend is an affront to everything this country represents. When you give license to open expressions of bigotry against some groups, you open the door to bigotry against all groups of people. 

Each of us—especially those of us in public office—has a moral obligation to condemn these actions in the strongest of terms. False equivalencies between "sides" simply provides cover to the white supremacists seeking to take our country backwards and tear our communities apart. 

Our diversity is our greatest strength—and we will not allow anyone to turn that strength against us.”

Congressman Tom Reed (R) released this statement: 

"I'm outraged by the violence and senseless deaths that occurred today in Charlottesville and condemn those who would abuse our freedoms and divide us with bigotry.  Hatred will never have a place in the true American spirit. Our condolences are with the families of all three of today's victims."

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