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Binghamton AllSiders hosts annual reunion

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The Binghamton AllSiders is a grassroots group that reunites old friends to celebrate life and honor those that have passed. The group is hosting an annual reunion and the proceeds will help people in the community.

The group was founded by Dean De Falco and he joined Kara Conrad in studio to talk more about the group and how the reunion helps the community.

The reunion started off as a way for those who grew up in the area to reconnect, over the years has grown into much more than that.  Since 2011, the annual event has raised more than $10,000 to help those in need.  In 2014, more than $4,000 was raised to assist those in need and approximately 600 pounds of food was collected to donated to a local food pantry. 

The Binghamton AllSiders 7th Annual Reunion will be on Saturday, August 26 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Recreation Park. People are asked to bring a donation for CHOW, a lawn chair and drinks.

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