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Food to try at the Great New York State Fair

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Around the Tiers -

There is a lot of food for people to try at the fair. What are the favorites of fair goers? Some said fried dough, while others said pizza, hot beef sundaes and custard. Don't forget to try the milk from the famous Milk Bar. 

There's other interesting things fair goers can try. The Great New York State Fair has named the 10 Craziest Food Concoctions at the Fair.

It includes deep-fried breakfast from Fried Specialties, State Fair Bloody Mary from the Empire Room restaurant, the Bacon Bomb Sandwich from the Bacon Bomb, the Big Kahuna Donut Burger from Big Kahuna's, Recess Affogato Special Donut Espresso Utopia and Maple Bacon Espresso Milkshake from Recess Coffee, Kangaroo Spiedies from Carr's Cove in the Horticulture Building, the Milk Bun from The Milky Bun in the Dairy Products building, Hot Beef Sundae from Shake It Up in the Dairy Products building, Mexican Corn from Fresh Roasted Corn and for those that are vegan, Strong Hearts Cafe has vegan options in the International Building.

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