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Preseason Playbook - Walton Warriors

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WALTON (WBNG) -- After 41 seasons with Jim Hoover on the Walton sideline, the Warriors enter the 2017 season with a new, yet familiar head coach. Jim's son Adam takes over the program.

"When teams hear Walton and even the town of Walton, they usually think of one or two things," said Walton head coach Adam Hoover. "The Delaware County Fair and the Walton football program."

41 years and a Section IV record 318 wins later, Jim Hoover relinquishes his head coaching duties to his son.

Adam walks into the job with varsity head coaching experience. He led the charge for seven seasons at Oneonta.

"A lot of people have asked me, 'What's changed?'" said Adam Hoover. "And I joke with them and say, 'Well, not much has changed other than the parts of the job that aren't that much fun. Now I get to do them, instead of my father doing them.'"

But Jim will still be a part of the program. Adam telling 12 Sports that he will assist from the booth this upcoming season.

"[Jim] is still here helping out, coaching with us," said sophomore quarterback Dylan Jacob. "We all knew [Jim] wouldn't leave."

"I mean it's a lot of years to just give it up," senior fullback and linebacker Bailey Wood added.

And since Walton is literally...

"One big family," said senior running back and linebacker Alex Sorochinsky. "Everyone loves each other. Everyone has each other's back."

...Not much is different despite the changing of the guard.

"It's not much different," added Sorochinsky. "Adam has been here for the last four or five years, so I've had him since I've been on varsity. It's like nothing has changed."

After posting a 5-3 record in 2016, the Warriors are looking to get back on track in 2017.

"Back to the Walton way and winning," said Jacob. "So, this year we all take practices a lot more seriously and going into games, we're not going to be messing around. We're going to be serious this year."

Jacob enters his sophomore season with much more confidence.

"I have a lot more confidence this year," exclaimed Jacob. "Last year was a little risky being the first freshman to be on varsity, but I have a lot more confidence with these guys because I grew up with these guys."

"He's going to have a lot more confidence, and he's definitely going to feel a little better," added Wood. "He has a year under his belt."

So what's the goal for Walton football in Adam Hoover's first year at the helm?

"We've been preaching 'Get better everyday,'" said Adam Hoover. "And you need to be better when you leave the practice field than when you came on. That's our goal, and if that happens, we could have a successful season."

Just like in 2016, Walton opens up its 2017 campaign against Oneonta.

The game is at Oneonta on Friday, September 1 at 7 p.m.

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